PTA Board Members

PTA is a volunteer driven organization – we choose our goals, we plan the activities, and we enrich our children's lives. If you are interested in serving as a board member, please contact the PTA President.


President - Katy Rubelee

Katy and her husband, Travis, have two children at Diemer, Sara is a 5th grader and Ryan a 3rd grader. They have lived in the area for 3 years and really grown to love the Diemer Family. The President serves as lead on all committees to discuss, make decisions, and vote on all PTA matters. The President is also responsible for approving, and coordinating work of all PTA board members and activities. 


VP of Volunteers - Position Open

The VP of Volunteers is responsible for recruiting volunteers to assist in events and coordinate all work details. 


VP of Advocacy - Erica Bensen

As an area high school teacher and Diemer parent, Erica is a passionate advocate for public schools. She will work to advocate for John Diemer specifically and for the legislative goals of Shawnee Mission PTA and SMSD. If you have a concern or an idea that needs support, please contact Erica and/or present your idea at a PTA meeting.


Treasurer - Christy Keller

The treasurer is responsible for the financial management and ensures proper recording of all

monetary transitions on behalf of the Diemer PTA. Every month the treasurer produces financial statements which go through an audit process to ensure transparency and accuracy.


Secretary - Brad Larson                                                              

Brad and his wife Jenny are the proud parents of 5 kids.  Their oldest Nate is in 3rd grade and Eli is in 1st grade. The Secretary is responsible for recording all business transacted at each PTA meeting as well as meetings of the executive committee and presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting.


VP of Ways and Means - Lisa Groener  

As VP of Ways and Means, Lisa is responsible for implementing and managing all fundraisers, including the Diemer Auction, fun-run, and various smaller fundraisers.


VP of Communications - Robin Rowland 

Robin has a son, Rick, who is in 5th grade. As the VP of Communications, she is responsible for posting information on social media, keeping the PTA website updated and providing information to be included in the weekly Eagle's Landing newsletter. 

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